Be Bold,
Be Brave,
Be Kind

Ethical Beauty

It's not difficult to be kind. We discuss how easy it is to be aware and look before you buy. We encourage the purchase of products that are kind to people, the environment and don't harm animals.


People are becoming more aware of the need to protect the planet. As knowledge grows, so does the availability of products. We discuss ethical options of daily necessities, toys, clothing and toiletries.


Hopefully, by now, people are aware of the phenomenon of Climate Change, and how it is having a devastating impact on people and the planet. Here we discuss what we can do. It takes each of us, right?

All Things Vegan

Monumental changes in availability of vegan products has revolutionised veganism in the past decade. It may not be for everybody, we supply options and encourage discussions.

We believe in being kind to ourselves and kind to the earth.  Sign up to get involved. 

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