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Ethical Baby Products

ethical baby products

We are all about ethical children's toys, nappies, consumables, clothes and toiletries. We talk about and promote vegan baby products made by organisations that care about the environment and the people in it.

All parents know that little people are enormous consumers of nappies, clothes and toys!  Ethical, eco-friendly, vegan baby products and green toys are widely available. They teach kids the value of our earth, are built to last, are made from natural materials, and look pretty cool too!

China produces 3/4 of the world’s toys, they arrive in huge containers, often from sweat shops.  Now, we all know about child labour and we know about lead found in paint and, of course, heavy metals, arsenic, mercury and chromium found in the materials the toys are made with.

We also know there are great suppliers of beautiful, durable, multi-purpose, eco-friendly products that inspire childrens’ imagination.

Simple coloured stacking rings are more than just a game; they develop both fine and gross motor skills and hand-eye coordination, they encourage ‘crossing the midline’ and teach spatial relationships.  Pretty neat for a pile of wooden rings, don’t you agree?

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