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Our Story

Kerry Duggan

Kerry Duggan

After a discussion with a Buddhist monk in late 2004 I made the decision to go Vegan. Prior to that, I had been vegetarian for 10 years. My Ethical Earth is a passion-inspired result of that story! My blogs are individual pieces of that story in bite-sized chunks.

I, and my guest writers, regularly write about products we recommend.  Some we will have tried, some will have been recommended to us, some we will have researched.  All of those products – beauty, household, baby and food products – are vegan. With one exception. Cat food.  I know that ‘vegan’ means different things to different people.

I had an enormous decision to make, recommending products sold by companies who also sell non-vegan products. I made that decision because not all of us can afford to support 100% Vegan companies. Being Vegan does not mean being perfect, it means doing the best that we can in a non Vegan world.

I understand not everyone will agree with this decision and I am happy to discuss it, I am always interested in other opinions and am not afraid to have my mind changed.

My Ethical Earth was not created to tell other people how to live their lives, it is here to show you a kinder way if you choose to make some changes. We hope to slowly change the world by showing manufacturers that people no longer want to support animal-cruelty and planet-killing products.

"After seeing cows going to slaughter in 1994 I went vegetarian and 10 years later, after a discussion with a Buddhist monk, I went Vegan".