The Vegan Household

the vegan household

Nothing will change if people don’t change.    Know what you are buying, and from whom.   We choose the way the world goes ’round.  Choose what is right.

Shopping for your home does not have to involve cruelty.  

Thousands of cruelty-free products are available to Big Companies. If each of us only buy the ethical brands the cruelty will stop.  It’s simple supply and demand! 

I am not dazzled by a new bathroom cleaner that was dripped into a bunny’s eyes. Are you?   If you are, there’s a little cross on the top right of your screen.  Click it. Now! 

Do you know the “not tested on animals” label does not necessarily mean that the product is … erm… not tested on animals?

For the answer to this, and to read our stories, please grab a cuppa and head to our blogs. We would love you to spead some time with us.

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Vegan Christmas

This Vegan loves Christmas! It brings back some wonderful memories and that happy, excited, magical “Christmas feeling”.

Lately, evening walks with Bella, (my rescue dog daughter who I talk about in other blogs), have made me very nostalgic.

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