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Vegan Health & Beauty

It’s not difficult to be kind.  We discuss how easy it is to be aware and look before you buy.   

We encourage the purchase of products that are kind to people, the environment and don’t harm animals.

vegan baby products
Vegan Babies & Children

People are becoming more conscious of the urgent need to protect the planet. 

We look for ethical options of daily necessities; clothing, toys and toileteries.

the vegan household
The Vegan Household

By now, people are aware of the phenomenon of Climate Change, and how it is having a devastating impact on people and the planet. 

We talk about the things we do, and decisions we make, that can make a difference.  It takes each of us, right?

Sustainable Pet Products
Sustainable Pet Products

Pets have an enormous impact on the environment, not half as much as people, mind!  

We say no to plastic squeaky toys and toxic fillers in animals beds. There is much better stuff out there, for your pets and for the planet!