My Experience with CBD as an Arthritis Treatment for Dogs

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I was looking for arthritis treatment for dogs when I stumbled across CBD oil.

Bella, my rescue Staffordshire bullterrier cross, was suffering from arthritis and there isn’t much I won’t do for her!


She had injured her left cruciate ligament when she was about five, and her right cruciate a few years later. I chose to treat the injuries conservatively at home rather than put her through a serious operation with a long recovery period. She had torn, but not snapped the ligament.


What followed was a journey of discovery and we were pretty successful. 

Bella in a blanket

As she has gotten older she has developed osteoarthritis in both her knees, due to those injuries when she was younger.

After a trip to the vet and some x-rays to confirm my poor girl had arthritis, the treatment the vet prescribed was Metacam, a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory, for the pain and that was that.

I felt so helpless, Bella still wanted to race around like the mad staff she is, but she was so sore afterwards and even getting off the sofa was causing her pain.

This was the start of my journey researching alternative treatments to try manage her arthritis rather than just giving her pharmaceuticals.



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K Laser Therapy and Myotherapy

So, along with the Metacam, I started taking her for K laser therapy and regular myotherapy, (a special canine massage, known to be a successful arthritis treatment for dogs, which I’ll discuss at more length in another entry), as well as giving her supplements to slow the degeneration of her joints.

Bella improved tremendously and was fine on walks but was still  stiff in the evenings and I wanted to do more for my baby girl.

A World Health Organisation report on CBD encouraged me to persevere

I was already concerned about the long-term effects of regular Metacam usage, so I started researching other options. That is when  I stumbled upon CBD oil being used successfully in arthritis treatment for dogs and other animals.

Cannabidiol (CBD) oil is derived from the hemp plant, a cousin of the marijuana plant, and does not make you “high”. According to a report from the World Health Organization, “in humans, CBD exhibits no effects indicative of any abuse or dependence potential.

To date, there is no evidence of public health-related problems associated with the use of pure CBD.”

I spoke with a few people who used CBD oil successfully to treat various ailments in themselves or their dogs and got some really positive feedback.

At best, it would be a powerful painkiller and anti-inflammatory for treating her arthritis, at worst, nothing would happen.  It sounded worth a try.

Incidentally, I came across that WHO reference when reading: Cannabidoil (CBD) – what we know and what we don’t in a Harvard Health Publishing article by Peter Grinspoon, MD.

The arthritis treatment for my dog, Bella, began

I decided to start by giving Bella a lighter oil. The instructions said to start with one drop per 7kg of weight for the first week. That dose should be staggered throughout the day.


The second week I was to up it by one drop and another drop the third week etc, until we reached a point where she was comfortable.


There are many Facebook groups you can join and chat with other CBD users who are very happy to share their experiences with you, and offer advice.  It was on one of these groups that I learnt that you should stop giving CBD oil a week before any scheduled operations as it can have a blood-thinning effect.  


That is information definitely worth knowing and is the type of information that continues to prove invaluable. 

Not all CBD Oil is Created Equal

Not all CBD oil is created equal so it is definitely worth investigating carefully before buying, there are many different strengths and some rogue companies may be charging you a premium for rice bran oil with hardly any CBD at all!

You know what they say, you get what you pay for!  I strongly suggest you do due diligence and research the heck out of any brand before you hand over your cash.

I wanted to share this photo of Bella with you all, it is one of my favourites! We go to the beach pretty much every day, it gives her so much joy and I clearly can’t deny her anything! We always have to play catch with seaweed, she loves the game, she’s just not very good at it!



High quality CBD oil.
Extracted in Switerland, bottled in the UK.
ADVERT: We recommend the high quality brand CB11

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Bella living her best life

Thanks to CBD oil Bella is living the active life she loves! Here are a few recent shots of her being her happy, energetic self.

Life hasn't always been good for Bella

Bella had a rough life before coming to live with me and she arrived with baggage in the form of many anxieties. These include separation anxiety, food anxiety and anxiety around other dogs.


I was very pleased with a positive side-effect we experienced after using the CBD oil. She no longer has anxieties with food and happily licks her bowl clean! She is even happy to take the CBD oil from my hand, I’ve never had to hide it in food. And although not perfect, she is much more relaxed around other dogs and has even sniffed quite a few bums! 


I recommend CBD oil as a very successful arthritis treatment for dogs!  I don’t know yet if she still has severe separation anxiety, I love her company too much and we are never apart!

I hope you enjoyed my personal success story, using CBD oil for my dog-daughter’s arthritis treatment!

Everyone in my household now takes it for one ailment or another and we all swear by it. I love taking something natural rather than pharmaceuticals, it is better for our bodies and I’m not giving extra money to big, profit driven pharmaceutical companies.

Good luck on your CBD journey if you choose that route, I have no regrets except not trying it sooner.   Try it for your furry-friend.

I’ll end with this photo of Bella suntanning.  It is entirely irrelevant but how cute is she?!











Dan and Bella suntanning
Catching some rare Engish rays

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42 thoughts on “My Experience with CBD as an Arthritis Treatment for Dogs”

  1. Just stumbled across your site, very pleased I did. I’m going to try this with my elderly dog. Florrie

  2. Awesome post. I am a regular visitor of your site and appreciate you taking the time to keep it looking so cool.

  3. Thanks for sharing your info. I truly appreciate your efforts and I am waiting for your next post thanks once again.

  4. I believe the content matter here is interesting. I appreciate your hard work. Best of luck.

  5. As a fellow ‘parent’ of a pet that is struggling, this is an answer I will certainly try. Thank you.

  6. I am grateful you for spending time to speak about this, I feel strongly about that and was delighted to learn more about this topic. Would you mind updating your web site with a lot more details? It can be highly useful for me. Two thumbs up in this article!

  7. Well it HAS to work for our furry friends. My human friend was in a car accident in 2001 and for 17 years she had to have a ‘biological agent’ infusion via drip in hospital, every 8 weeks. Allergic to usual pain killers, this treatment was costly and still she had aches and pain and limited movement. A friend offered her the pure CBD oil in capsule form, one at night, and she has weaned herself off all other treatment and has full range of movement back. And is much happier.
    So my friend can TELL us about the benefits, how awesome for our doggies that we test on humans first, before we give it to them !

  8. What a lovely informative article! You have the most amazing relationship with your Bella. I hope others will try CBD oil for their own and their furry friends ailments!❤️

    1. Yes, I literally will do anything for my girl 🙂 Thank you for your message, I hope other furry-people will benefit from CBD too.

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